Albert Martin Kales, Unpopular Government in the United States.


« Unpopular government in the United States undermines the democratic principles and public trust. »

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Review by Henry J. Ford.

(The American Political Science Review, Vol. 8, No. 3 (Aug., 1914), pp. 514-515.)

Professor Kales had the happy idea of treating our actual political system from the personal experience of the citizen, thus reaching his conclusions upon constitutional values by induction. He starts with his own case — “one of about two thousand voters in a township” called upon to elect sundry officers in township, county, state and nation. He gives a complete schedule of the tasks put upon the voter, with facsimiles of the ballots he must use. This cold, systematic presentation of the facts makes the most comprehensive exhibition possible of the absurdity of the system of filling executive and judicial positions by popular election. Professor Kales demonstrates that the boss and the ring are the proper and inevitable concomitants of the system, and that nothing short of radical change of system will bring the government under popular control. Professor Kales’ examination includes the initiative, referendum and recall, upon which his comments are penetrating and judicious.

The work throughout displays exceptional powers of political insight and constitutional discernment.



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